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[APPROVED January 13th 2023] SSPC. Galen "Rocky" Roberts PAC3 application

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Name: Starkiller

Character Name: Galen "Rocky" Roberts

Character Rank (EG: Private): SSPC
Character Division (EG: Engineer): Engineer

Steam ID: 76561198190755578

On-Duty or Off-Duty: On & Off-duty
Total size of imported assets (if any): 0 (all models found in C menu>Asset Browser)

Images/Videos of the PAC or Imgur link to load:




Additional comments/IC explanation: Axe is Engineering Combat Axe, will also be visible while wearing On-Duty. Will only be used through /me events





Additional comments/IC explanation:

-Morita Carbine slung across chest (will automatically hide when actual weapon is equipped, and automatically show when actual weapon is holstered.)

-Combat knife on front of right shoulder, only used through /me events

-Changed standard MI helmet to visored (IC, additional eye protection)

-Combat Axe same as Off-Duty (only used through /me events.)

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  • Jun Nagase changed the title to [APPROVED January 13th 2023] SSPC. Galen "Rocky" Roberts PAC3 application

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