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[ACCEPTED January 13th, 2023] | Connor "Hazel" Monroe | PAC3 Application

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Name: Regular Irregular

Character Name: Connor "Hazel" Monroe

Character Rank: PFC
Character Division: M.I

Steam ID: 76561198120693696

On-Duty or Off-Duty: On-Duty
Total size of imported assets: 9kb (excluding the change i'm going to make)
Images/Videos of the PAC or Imgur link to load:Capture2.PNGCapture.PNG

Please be gentle i'm not very good at pac3 :)
The Morita 1 I am going to replace with the actual weapon, I was unable to find it in sandbox and when I went onto the server to apply the gun it kept crashing the editor.
My third picture here is what is the jist of what i'm going to achieve with the whole "Pull out the gun and take it off the body" thing. This will be the only change I make and if it suits better I can just remove the gun all together.


it's all errors because i'm not in the server this needs or something idk

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