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SST Quotes Thread

Silly goose

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When you go to set a temp admin back to user but forget what you were doing half way through it


00:33:36 - Kris used /setplyrank on Kris. Arguments were user
00:33:36 - : Liliana Verbeck has been made a user



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Starship Musical


04:59:25 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: All I know is that I have a weak spot for British accents and my girl sounds like a National Geographic announcer. Good night, gentlemen.
04:59:50 - **Cpl. Sebastian Bently looked to his right. "Need me to sing ya to sleep, Sergeant?"
05:00:04 - **Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires pulls off his combat shirt. He follows it by untying his boots.
05:00:24 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: That'd be wonderful, Corporal. Serenade me.
05:00:41 - **Cpl. Sebastian Bently sniffled, pausing before speaking. "Shit, I didn't really think you'd say yes."
05:00:53 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: You offered. Serenade me. That's an order.
05:01:05 - **Sgt. John 'Scarf' York chuckles before looking to bently, "Hey I can grab the guitar if it would help."
05:01:24 - Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Sure, play me a song and I 'll sing something. 
05:01:07 - Cpl. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes: Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep you god damn motherfucker.
05:01:20 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires[YELL]: <color=215, 105, 105>I said for BENTLY to serenade me, NOT YOU, Hughes.
05:01:35 - Cpl. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes[YELL]: <color=215, 105, 105>Why won't you love me?!
05:01:38 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: No. Completely acapella.
05:01:45 - Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Oh shit- any favourites?
05:01:47 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: No back track. No additional vocals. Only you.
05:02:00 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: Take on me by A-Ha.
05:02:05 - **LCpl. Jennifer Hayes stops suddenly outside of the NCO barracks as she heard some yelling.
05:02:06 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: Put that goddamn guitar away, York.
05:02:25 - Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Oh god
05:02:37 - Cpl. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes: Keep it out, it's calming.
05:02:38 - **Cpl. Sebastian Bently cleared his throat, starting to sing the chorus of Take on Me.
05:02:44 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: York, guitar. Away.
05:02:45 - **Cpl. Sebastian Bently went for those high notes.
[Rolls a 23]
05:02:57 - **Bently sounded like a dying cat.
05:03:01 - **Sgt. John 'Scarf' York would have stopped and put it away laughing.
05:03:09 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: Beautiful.
05:03:15 - **Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires pulls off his socks and belt.
05:03:22 - **LCpl. Jennifer Hayes was about to move until she heard the shrieking of a banshee on the other side.
05:03:25 - **Cpl. Sebastian Bently clears his throat, choking a little. "Fuck me- no I can do this."
05:03:32 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: Keep going, Bently.
05:03:40 - **Cpl. Sebastian Bently cleared his throat and tried again.
05:03:40 - Sgt. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: No-fail mission. Hit those notes.
05:03:46 - Cpl. Sebastian Bently: Taaaaake, oooon, meeeeee
[Rolls a 97]
05:03:54 - Cpl. Sebastian Bently[YELL]: <color=215, 105, 105>TAAAAAAAKE, MEEEEE, OOOOOOON!
05:04:02 - **LCpl. Jennifer Hayes knocks on the NCO barracks door.
05:04:03 - MCPo. Sabine Bilodeau[YELL]: <color=215, 105, 105>JESUS CHRIST WHO'S DYING?!
05:04:03 - Cpl. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes: There ya go mate.
[AdminLog] 05:04:03 - [ic]Troy 'Turtle' Hughes: There ya go mate.
05:04:20 - **Cpl. Sebastian Bently stopped, cleared his throat before shooting a finger gun with his left hand. "Fucking nailed it."


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Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "Assault me."
MSpc. Mikayla 'Koala' Kowalski says, "Oh... Uhm. What?"

Aph to Koala:
Heresiarch Grimm: You are a whore of the highest degree, you swallow enough semen that your vomit impregnates many women. If you were to have sex with every member of the 112th at the same time, your vagina would still have sufficient space to fit an entire battalion.
Heresiarch Grimm: When you are upon your period, you happily surrender to anal intercourse just to satisfy your sexual urges.
Heresiarch Grimm: I am better than your vagina is in relation to the sexually transmitted diseases that infest and fester within your vaginal cavity. You are a walking biological weapon that rivals Gift.
Heresiarch Grimm: There is sufficient yeast within your clitoral hood that you could fix the food crisis affecting millions.
Heresiarch Grimm: /y You look at me confused and dumb-founded for I lack a penis with which to violently slide into your vagina and thrust repeatedly whilst my hands are around your throat until my seed fills your gaping cavern.
Heresiarch Grimm: /y Your preferred method of whitening your face is not to use make-up products but instead to perform oral sex on any man willing to submit until their milky semen scatters and stains your face amidst the tears you expel as you choke on every inch.
Heresiarch Grimm: /y The entire purpose to your existence is to be a semen repository as no man with standards will step within a metric mile of your foul vagina, thus you spread thy legs wide open and accept any cock that comes your way.

MSpc. Mikayla 'Koala' Kowalski says, "I wish my love life was as creative as you where describing."
Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "I wish for you to hit myself."
Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "Greetings, Staff Sergeant."
SSgt. Abigail Wright says, "Greetings, Dominica."
Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "The Master Specialist is refusing to assault myself."
SSgt. Abigail Wright says, "Sorry?"
SSgt. Abigail Wright says, "Say that again."
Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "Your apology is unwarranted."
Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "The Master Specialist is refusing to assault myself."
MSpc. Mikayla 'Koala' Kowalski says, "Uh... Well, that part is true."


Ahh... Aphelion. You were something else.

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Political correctness is important 


01:41:27 - 3Spc. Qasi Dubois[OOC]: is there gonna be a drop tonight my nigs?
01:41:31 - 3Spc. Ichigo Okano[OOC]: yeah
01:41:34 - Cpl. Sebastian Bently[OOC]: not with that attitude
01:41:54 - 3Spc. Qasi Dubois[OOC]: is there gonna be a drop tonight my blacks*
01:41:59 - Cpl. Sebastian Bently[OOC]: better
01:42:04 - 3Spc. Wendy Goodwin[OOC]: Put the hard ER at the end of that.
01:42:09 - 3Spc. Qasi Dubois[OOC]: blacker
01:42:17 - 3Spc. Wendy Goodwin[OOC]: What thATS Not whaT I MEANT
01:42:21 - 3Spc. Qasi Dubois[OOC]: I can't be racist I saw black panther

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Мне нравится снимать всю мою одежду, кроме как из моих носков, потому что это было бы негигиенично, но во всяком случае, где медные старики-суки

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3 hours ago, Xalphox said:

Мне нравится снимать всю мою одежду, кроме как из моих носков, потому что это было бы негигиенично, но во всяком случае, где медные старики-суки

Xal = Russian Hacker Confirmed?

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4 hours ago, Fitz said:


Мне нравится делать то, что происходит в магазине, но не тогда, когда плохо это делает. Некоторое время мне нравится делать плохое яйцо яйцо яйцо когда-то вроде ха-ха, но это хорошо, потому что я делаю это, но когда-нибудь это отрицает


4 hours ago, Xalphox said:

Мне нравится снимать всю мою одежду, кроме как из моих носков, потому что это было бы негигиенично, но во всяком случае, где медные старики-суки



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Ens. Scarlett Ebsworth[CH1 - RADIO]: Get fucked, fleetie faggot.
Cpt. Emily Ziola[CH1 - RADIO]: Are you okay?
Ens. Scarlett Ebsworth[CH1 - RADIO]: Yeah.
Sgt. John 'Scarf' York[CH1 - RADIO]: Language.
 Ens. Scarlett Ebsworth[CH1 - RADIO]: I was on the wrong channel, my bad.

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This is why straight Mobile Infantry don't exist



22:09:23 - **Sgt. Sebastian Bently looked to the left before sidestepping away from Faust.
22:09:30 - SSpc. Valerie 'Panzer' Faust: Ouch.
22:09:38 - Pvt. Travis Young: She won't bite.... Hard.
22:09:40 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: You were practically inside me.
22:10:00 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: I'd rather not be bit at all. 
22:10:11 - Pvt. Travis Young: You have no class, Bently.
22:10:20 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Ouch.
22:10:22 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: Have you ever been bit, Bently?
22:10:27 - SSgt. Franco Sorrentino: I have.
22:10:30 - SSgt. Franco Sorrentino: Man oh man.
22:10:31 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: By what?
22:10:33 - SSgt. Franco Sorrentino: Some wome-
22:10:38 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: Yeah, and you've also bit plenty of women.
22:10:51 - Pvt. Travis Young: You need a woman that if you are not wearing your Kevlar one night that you might not wake up to see the next morning. Best nights of my life.
22:11:17 - **Sgt. Sebastian Bently glanced to Young, staring for a few moments.
22:11:28 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: I- I don't even want to know what that means.
22:11:35 - SSgt. Franco Sorrentino: The biting is the best.
22:11:36 - **SSpc. Valerie 'Panzer' Faust slowly parts from the Dude talk
22:11:37 - SSgt. Franco Sorrentino: And the stabbing.
22:11:39 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: You couldn't comprehend, Bently.
22:11:43 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: Wait, wait, wait
22:11:46 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: Stabbing?
22:11:48 - **Pvt. Travis Young offers Bently a wicked grin, then wiggles his eyebrows.
22:11:56 - SSgt. Franco Sorrentino: How do you think I got this scar on my forearm?
22:11:57 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: What the fuck is wrong with you people?
22:11:57 - Pvt. Travis Young: I have scars.. Not from combat either.
22:12:13 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: I haven't ever been close enough to you to notice your scars, Sorrentino.
22:12:23 - **SSgt. Franco Sorrentino began unbuckling his belt.
22:12:26 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: Just because I was one of--
22:12:37 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: That's not necessary. Really not.
22:12:48 - **SSgt. Franco Sorrentino re-buckled his belt.
22:13:00 - Pvt. Travis Young: I was hoping he put me in my place like the animal I was.
22:13:01 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: I'll take your word for it.
22:13:03 - Pvt. Travis Young: or Am..
22:13:06 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: ...What the fuck?
22:13:07 - **SSgt. Franco Sorrentino smiled.
22:14:47 - **Sgt. Sebastian Bently blinked a few times, unsure what to really say.
22:15:02 - Pvt. Travis Young: Freeeee balllllin'
22:15:15 - SSgt. Franco Sorrentino: I free ball on drops.
22:15:21 - Pvt. Travis Young: I know. I can smell them.
22:15:25 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: I fucking hope no- ew.
22:16:58 - Pvt. Travis Young: I think I should go back to "Hitting the Bag."
22:17:04 - SSgt. Franco Sorrentino: Hit my bag.
22:17:15 - Pvt. Travis Young: But you'd like it.
22:17:18 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Jesus Christ...
22:17:22 - **SSgt. Franco Sorrentino smiled widely.
22:17:30 - Pvt. Travis Young: Fine but you have to reciprocate.
22:17:30 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: Bently, they're both former pathfinders.
22:17:40 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: And gay it seems.
22:17:49 - SSgt. Franco Sorrentino: I snuggle cock for warmth.
22:17:51 - Cpl. Matthew 'Greenhorn' Squires: In my one outing with them, I learned that they are the largest group of repressed homosexuals on this ship.
22:17:59 - **Pvt. Travis Young nods his agreement with Sorrentino.
22:17:59 - **Sgt. Sebastian Bently choked on air. "E- Excuse you?"


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SSTRP summarised in two sentences. 


09:35:53 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Yeah, seems everyone is the same. "Oh no, people won't have sex with me because I'm missing a limb boo hoo" 
09:36:16 - Sgt. Sebastian Bently: Yet everyone doesn't care that other people are missing limbs, so really it's just a bunch of self conscious people wanting to fuck each other.

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